Dissertation Update…Degree of Persistance (PhD)

I can’t believe how fast time flies. So fast that this post is going to be pretty short. A colleague of mine said the other day that the Phd degree is not a measure of how smart you are but rather a measure or degree of your persistance.

I think it is so true because I’m really not that smart 😀 Well….actually there is some smarts in there, but persistance is such a great word because there is so much one needs to do to complete this degree. I have been working all summer on this dissertation proposal and I will continue to work on these chapters even after it is accepted. The fact is that getting PhD often means going through various hoops. I don’t mean that in an unintelligent, non academic way. But rather there are many hurdles one has to overcome to get the PhD, and there are probably tons of PhD’s out there that really are not that smart!

At any rate, I continue to persist in reaching this goal of mine and I will finish. In the mean time I hope to come back here to offer some more insights on the use of social media in the nonprofit sector. Which reminds me, I have a potential title for my dissertation so please let me know what you think.

A descriptive analysis of the current status of social media utilization among nonprofit Human service organizations.

Also, if you know of any funding sources to defray the cost of data collection, please email me or @reply on twitter @JimmySW. It would sure help out a log 😀


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Associate Professor of Social Work with a focus on the Future of Social Media, Social Work Education and all things technology.

One Response to Dissertation Update…Degree of Persistance (PhD)

  1. Jimmy – @RukshanFr here. Thanks for being willing to be in touch with me. I agree with the above post, I am working on completing my discussion and results chapters and I am ready to fall down even though the finish line is approaching. One step at a time! Anyway, can you send me your e-mail address so that I can run some questions about VCU by you. Thanks! rukshan dot fernando at gmail dot com.

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