Why isn’t email considered in the Social Media landscape?

I just finished reading a post by Aaron Biebert @Biebert on his Blog about Web 3.0 and as I have been engaged in my research on social media, I wondered why I don’t consider or think of social media when I discuss it with individuals and organizations? Aaron explained the brief history of the Internet as follows:

Brief History of the Internet:

Web 1.0 was based on one-way communication (static websites with read only content)

Web 2.0 introduced two way communication (wikis, social media, blogs, etc.)

Web 3.0 is driven by technology that reads and understands activity on the internet and uses that data to make recommendations and perform tasks using artificial intelligence.


So if Web 2.0 introduced two way communication, then isn’t that essentially what email is? I know email isn’t as sexy as many of the social media sites, but do we still need to consider it as a powerful tool?  Let me know what you think via my survey below.


Thanks for your participation, and hopefully this starts a conversation around how we categorize social media.


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Associate Professor of Social Work with a focus on the Future of Social Media, Social Work Education and all things technology.

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