Time For a DAD post

I’ve been meaning to come back and post here about being a dad since I have a section for it on my blog, but time always seems to escape me. The summer is nearly over and as kids, and myself, head back to school I can’t help but reflect on this summer. Traveling all day to go to two different family reunions which were on opposite sides of the country didn’t leave me with the time to blog like I thought it would. Now, taking just a moment, I realize that I am glad I didn’t take the time to blog because I was having so much fun with my family. Time on the beach or at the swimming pool and even just the boring times was all totally worth it. This summer was also the real first taste as to many of the reasons why I want to be a professor. Summers off….well sort of.


Actually, I think I worked more this summer than I did last, but it sure didn’t feel like. Being able to have the flexibility to travel and see family is one of the most important things in my career. Of course I am interested in creating positive social change and helping to educate a brilliant and capable social work force to be employed by an amazing nonprofit sector. But, I have to admit that the other perks are nice as well. This summer I got to see my daughter interact with her many cousins and eat a whole piece of pizza by herself. She had her first ice cream cone, which she again ate by herself, and I just can’t imagine not being there. So even though I may grumble about work or completing this PhD, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that it brings.

Thanks for letting me ramble a bit πŸ˜€

My First Post on Technorati

I recently starting writing some articles for Technorati and my first one was just published. You can check it out here:Β Great Ideas for Father’s Day. It was a late night post, as evidenced by some minor spelling mistakes, but the nature of the article was timely enough to get it published I guess. Anyways, have a go at reading it if you like. Thanks.

Just another DAD post. (actually it’s about saving money)

From time to time I do blog about my experiences as a new dad who primarily stays at home to watch and care for my lovely daughter. Right now I wanted to share just a small insight that I had and my wife has taken to new heights. Like many people, we are on a tight budget and trying to save any money we can while still living the kind of lifestyle we would like to. Now we don’t spendΒ extravagantΒ amounts of money are take amazing vacations. In fact, a great night out for us is typically a run to Five Guys or Chipotle and then a movie from Redbox. Saving money is pretty hard, but we have discovered a new method to help us save money. GIFT CARDS!

I know you are probably thinking, “Gift Cards? How does that save you money?” Well, we discovered that Kroger Grocery stores gives you extra fuel points when you buy gift cards. We use those fuel points to save money on gas, and when gas is around $3.50 a gallon, we can use all the savings possible. I mentioned this idea to my wife and she has taken off with it. She figures we are going to go out to eat anyways, we might as well use a gift card and get the fuel points. GENIUS!!! There are some limitations so you have to check the rules etc. But last week we filled up both our cars and a gas can for less than $70. We saved around 10 cents a gallon. Okay, so it’s not a ton of money, but the idea is that we are spending that money anyways, so if can scrimp or save a bit whenever we can, then think of how much money we can save in the long run.

I wondered if there were any other ideas for saving money that you have found easy and useful? Feel free to comment and let us know.

How the Internet creates/enhances our Relationships

Well this was not the blog post I was going to write today, but something interesting has happened in the last several days that I decided to blog about. A close friend of mine that I grew up with and went to school with recently started a blog on his 4 month old son’s experience with Leukemia. His son just had surgery today to remove some of the cancer and is now going to be spending the next 6 months in the pediatric care center of the hospital while he undergoes chemo. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with the internet or technology and how it enhances our relationships. Well I have been incredibly impressed with how far our technologies have come to enable deep connections with friends and family no matter where they are at. My friend and his family are on the west coast and myself out east. Yet because of Facebook and their blog, I am able to stay updated on what is happening. I wasn’t even aware that his son was having any challenges. I know what a great friend I am right? But the fact is that life is so busy that often times the friendships that sustained us during our childhood, through college, or at various times of our life sometimes fade. I haven’t talked with this friend face-to-face in over 4 years. I wish it wasn’t this way, but life happens.

So as I read this blog on what is happening with my friend’s son, I am incredibly grateful for the technology that enables this to happen. I know that this time in his life will be incredibly challenging and their isn’t really much I can do based on where I am at. However, because of technology he is aware that I am aware of his challenges and more importantly that I care about what is happening. Research has supported that individuals are more healthy and generally happier when they have meaningful relationships in their lives. A meaningful relationship is open to interpretation in my mind. I am also reminded of a talk at the TED conference by Stefana Broadbent which you can view below:

There are people who will always critique technology and cite the enormity of problems with privacy and other issues. But imagine how much good we can do, how much fun we can have, and most importantly how we can maintain dear friendships. Thanks for bearing with me as I feel like I just needed to write this out. Perhaps it’s because I’m a new dad, or perhaps it’s because I’m a social worker, and perhaps it’s because I just can’t fathom the road that my friend, his family, and their little boy have ahead of them. It’s all of those things and many more I’m sure.

Sick…Colds….Sick…No Sleep…

What kind of a picture does this past for you? This has been my nightmare of reality this past week as both my daughter & I caught the same cold. Things are getting better, but after two straight nights on the couch I was almost ready to throw in the towel. Thankfully, she started sleeping well again on her own.

Basically, what I am trying to say here is that I am a bit behind on all my work. I started two other blog posts that I have yet to publish. One being on the Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter & Allison Fine, and the other on sustainable nonprofit organizations. Yes, I finally completed reading the book and thus I have started my review but need to finish. I hope to have it up later this week or by Monday. The second post is on sustainability, although it’s probably not the sustainability you are thinking of. It is important to think green, and I love renewable energy solutions, but I am thinking more about an organization’s survivability. You will have to look for that post to come as well in the next few days. So until then, hoping you are feeling well this week and enjoying life.

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